Starts May 19, 2017
Ends May 26, 2017

16:00 - 11:00

Kalikalos Holistic Network, Alexandros campus - Kissos, Pelion, GREECE

Between 410 and 770 EUR

Nature Retreat – Greece –

One week of Conscious Movement to re-ignite your love for life,

with Uma Laurence Clapdorp.


How can I be more fully alive?

Whether you are aiming to

•      plug into your inner resources,

•      reclaim your natural energy and creativity or

•      reconnect with your passion for life,

this wonderful week will invite you to dive into the secret to your own inner aliveness, mind, body and spirit, offering you a Retreat in nature, a Beach Holiday and Community Life altogether.

Workshop is most probably delivered in English, with translation available from Uma into French and Italian as needed.



What we will do:

The workshop takes place in the morning. We will start the day with an early morning practice, in the sea-view garden or in nature, taking the time to get into our body, and open up our sensory awareness and deep presence in motion, awakening sensuality and flow. Breakfast will be either at the centre or as a picnic that we’ll bring with us to a place of nature. Then we’ll have a whole morning session with simple structures to explore different pathways individually, in partnership and in group. We’ll use meditation, inquiry, play and movement practices (mostly inspired by Sensitive Dance and The School of Being). We’ll also rely on the magnificent turquoise sea and wild nature of Mount Pelion for inspiration and as a resource. You’ll get to experience yourself in a renewed way. The main entry doors we will use in this workshop will be:


The ability to be truly Present and bring awareness to what it is that we sense, what it is that we feel, and embrace each new wave, all of it. Diving into the nurturing aliveness of our senses, to bring embodied presence to all that we do. Expanding in the moment. Listening and being listened to.


The power of Slowing down, receiving silently the Movement of Life continuously flowing inside us and the ability to initiate movement from that place within, restore our life energy, let our body dance, let our voice sing, our creativity be expressed, our playfulness expand and feel the joy.


The courage (heart in action) of knowing yourself first of all, acknowledging how it feels to be you, where you are right now. Then sharing yourself, your truth with another, taking the risk of being vulnerable enough to allow for true connection to be created. Giving and receiving with authenticity.



The workshop takes place in the morning. The afternoons are free, for you to do just as you please.  Whether you choose to rest or play by the sea, take a walk, write or just ‘be’ quietly with yourself, this time will allow a deeper integration of your experience, away from the usual demands and habits of home.

As part of the retreat, I will offer a short 20-minute private session to each participant, that will be scheduled outside of the morning sessions. Early evenings and afternoons are also available if you want a complementary individual 1-1 session with me.

After dinner, we might have some extra activity or just free time, according to what will be offered in the centre. As resident of the Kalikalos community, we’ll be invited to take part in  some light daily tasks, like washing up our plates or tend the gardens.



“(…) Having a workshop with this beautiful sea is perfect to reconnect. The way you give to us was very attentive, benevolent, full of love!”  N.Wergifosse, Being Alive participant, 2016

“The retreat with Uma was beautiful, totally, and deeply challenging (…). Uma was able to blend the practices of the workshop into the natural environment and the chaos and calm of human existence. I felt there was space for me to explore myself in a way that I haven’t experienced on other retreats, because of the fluidity and freedom that Uma enabled us to have. (…) I was brought to the extremes of myself, and I am left with a lingering feeling of peace. It was as if we were participating in the cycles of the natural environment, we were given space to surrender into the natural challenges and beauty of being human.“ P.Tidd, Being Alive participant, 2016

“I have made contact with gentleness and delicateness: mine and that of the persons who were by my side. I have made contact with their power to move the world and to transform. (From you Uma) I could sense the personal deep synthesis of a large body of experience and knowledge and the on-going research. I enjoyed your light-heart, your humor and your tranquility with us. And your flexibility.” G. Bonito, Being Alive participant, 2016



Prices include workshop and full accommodation, in beautiful resort on the hill with sea-view gardens, 15 minutes walk from the beach, 3 daily vegetarian meals (except one night out in a Taverna, generally on Tuesdays). Basic accommodation in Alexandros or at a nearby accommodation partner. The 19th is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal. From the 16th onwards the workshop takes place, until the 25th evening. On the last day 26th, we all bring the centre back to the state it was when we arrived and leave by the end of the morning.
From 19th dinner (arrival from 4pm) until 26th breakfast (departure by 11am)

€ 470  (€410*)  in tent with lovely sea-view from garden (limited availability)
€ 520  (€460*) in triple room with lovely sea-view and shared bathroom (limited availability)
€ 620  (€560*) in double/twin room with en-suite bathroom and a balcony with sea-view
€ 770  (€710*)  single occupancy in double room with en-suite and a balcony with sea-view
*Early Bird Discount of €60 if booked before 30 March 2017 Flights will be cheaper too!

Special discount if you book for 2 weeks! Check out the website to learn about all the other ways you can stay at Kalikalos.

Watch the breathtaking video about the Pelion area


Conscious Touch - Workshop in Greece

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