Starts August 1, 2017
Ends August 5, 2017

10:00 - 20:00

Cat'Art, F-11230 Sainte Colombe sur l'Hers, FRANCE

From 200 + Acc & Food

(Part II of the Arts & Dance in Nature)

Cat’Art France

The Intensive offers the opportunity to explore different Somatic Practices and Artistic expressions in connection with nature and the environment.
The intensive will be co-facilitated by different teachers and each day will bring a specific thematic exploration. I will be offering Sensitive Dance in Nature during this workshop.

Mornings will be dedicated to tune in and warm up our bodies and senses through bodywork and various techniques. Afternoons and evenings will take us more deep into thematic journeys and other artistic exploration. We’ll be visiting Body Mind Centering, Meditation, Sensitive Dance, performance, Authentic movement, Contact, Improvisation, Life-drawing, object making with natural materials, Rituals.
From this exploration we wish to create an Expressive Journey for our collective and individual experiences through movement and other media with a sharing on Sat 5 Aug before dinner.


Arts & Dance in Nature: 9 days with a focus on different approaches to somatic practice to reconnect us to the nature that we all are. The main topic and exploration is around the human living body in its fullness which includes: moods and emotions, sensations, movement, awareness, our connection with nature and the environment.

There will be 2 workshops leading you into a somatic movement journey to dive intensively into experiential learning through movement and embodied awareness practice, as well as open classes.

Part I : 28th Jul – 1 Aug:  Butoh & Deep Contact in Nature with Carey Jeffries & Fabienne Menjucq

Part II : 2nd August 10am – 5th August 8pm:  “Natural Expression” Intensive with Uma Clapdorp, Melody Sacco, Sonja Bruhlmann, Gabriel Kissling, Ben Julian

It is possibe to participate to the whole event or to  part I or Part II only

please go to for more information and bookings

or be in touch with me directly


Danse sensible en Nature - Le corps fluide

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